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August SUSpreneur of the Month, Cherie Hill

August SUSpreneur of the Month

Cherie Hill is a Launch Strategist, Financial Expert & the creator of the Relaunch for BIGGER Profits program and Finally Free Financially community.

"Two of my businesses have gone on to earn six figures, so rest assured, I practice what I preach." For the past 11+ years, I've been a business owner and mentor, advising entrepreneurs on how they can achieve the same success I've had.

My specialty is in helping relaunches create a successful launch strategy to relaunch for BIGGER profits.

I also enjoy mentoring women who need an easy-to-follow blueprint to financial freedom.

To my fellow SUSpreneurs:

Sus, If you want significant growth in your business, be the first one to invest in your business. Believe in yourself so that others can too.

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