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SUSpreneur of the Month, Kiandria Demone


SUSpreneur of the Month

Who are you and why did you start your business?

I am a content creator, but I actually started as a radio DJ and on-air personality. I started to do my own marketing there to grow my fan base, and I found I was very good at it! So I started my business to help others do the same. When I started, there were not a lot of people who looked like me that were doing digital marketing and creative advertising. I wanted to make professional marketing and high quality visuals available to my own community.

What can we look forward to from you and your brand/business in the near future?

I have so many things coming in 2023! One of the most exciting is a new use of AI technology (artificial intelligence). Soon, businesses will be able to advertise and create commercials or courses without even being in the room!

Any words of encouragement for your fellow SUSpreneurs?

Building a successful business or brand takes a lot of consistency! But the reality is, you are not always going to be consistent. Life happens. It’s important to plan and prepare yourself for that.


IG: @kiandria || FB: @kiandria.demone || TIKTOK: @kiandriademone

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